AGI Designer Interview: Eddie Opara

Eddie Opara, one of the lead designers for design company Pentagram has worked hard for where he is. Being inspired by a multitude of things, namely architecture, Opara tries diligently in his work to realize his vision for every different design. Looking at his work, Opara has a knack for using geometric shapes in creative ways to innovate. One can look at such pieces as his work for UCLA or one of his well-known pieces stealth to see him changing the ways we view regular design as a more fluid and versatile field, where the possibilities are limitless as long as a point is made. Having been encouraged into this field as a child, Opara got a head start into the creative sphere. Having talked with him, I think this was integral to his career. And the most impressive thing I learned from him was to not become too attached to what you’re working on, because everyone else there has a different vision. Opara is a seasoned Graphic designer who takes care into his work and appreciates the versatility of the medium and I look forward to seeing his future work.

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